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  1. Custom Wiring Harnesses; Cable Assemblies;
  2. Electrical Leads and Assemblies built to your specifications including overmolding.
  3. Custom and OEM replacement Industrial Fiber Filters - bags and cartridges.
  4. Automotive and Heavy Equipment Filters.
  5. Packaging products - Custom Boxes;
  6. Cushioning and Supporting parts;
  7. Dunnage;
  8. Die Cut products. Material properties can range from VCI, Water, Moisture to Static Resistant Materials. 
  9. Custom printing also available.
  10. Metal Stamping for small to high volume parts.  Die making can also be arranged.
  11. Custom Gaskets and Electrical Shields.
  12. Plastic Injection Molding and Blow Molded parts.  Compostable and biodegradable resins can be used.



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